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Keith Whitley’s Only Son Honors Him on Anniversary of His Passing With Song Inspired By His Legacy

Jesse Keith Whitley

As the world celebrates the legacy left by one of country music’s most influential artists Keith Whitley on May 9 – the anniversary of his tragic death – with photos and stories told of his notorious nature, his son and country music artist Jesse Keith Whitley will honor his father’s memory by releasing a new song Try To Change My Ways in true Keith Whitley manner.  

“When we were in the studio recording this song, all I could think about was my dad.” says Jesse Keith. “I feel like this song embodies his attitude on life and once it was done I thought ‘I want this song to be dedicated to him’ and that’s what I am doing.” 

Country with nods to bluegrass, Try To Change My Ways tributes the neotraditionalism Keith Whitley is known for, while also showcasing the undeniable, natural-born talent of Jesse Keith. Country to the core with rock & roll’s rebellious reputation, Jesse Keith Whitley – the only son of country music legends Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan – epitomizes the modern-day outlaw. With music in his veins and the persona of a star, Whitley revitalizes the authentic southern rock sound rooted in a traditional country feel in tracks emulated by his strong presence and respect for tradition. 

Country to the core with rock & roll’s rebellious reputation, Jesse Keith Whitley is a modern day outlaw refusing to follow anyone’s rules. The only son of Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan, Jesse Keith Whitley – deemed a child of country music royalty – undoubtedly has music in his veins and a star-like persona. Jesse Keith Whitley may have made headlines with his family, but he is here to prove his own in his newest album, coming Summer 2020. The first single from the project, Try To Change My Ways, stands as a tribute to his late father, and one of country music’s greatest influences, Keith Whitley with nods to the neo-traditional sound he was known for. Releasing on May 9 – the day of Keith Whitley’s death – Jesse Keith Whitley showcases his natural-born talent, strong presence and respect for tradition.

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  1. Mary Bradley says:

    I Loved getting to go to your Show at Front Street Bar and Grill in Dardanelle Arkansas! That was one hell of a night! Can’t wait to Go to another one of your shows!

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