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Big & Rich Release “Stay Home”

Big & Rich

Award-winning duo Big & Rich are back with a light-hearted single doubling as a PSA called “Stay Home.”  John Rich enlisted a few friends including Larry Gatlin to collaborate on the timely song that accentuates the serious times in which our world is facing, while hopefully putting a smile on the listeners face.  A video is currently being shot for the song in an unprecedented fashion. 

John Rich says,

“Like the rest of us, I have seen the president on TV going ‘stay home’, I just want all Americans to stay home, just STAY home’. So I called up a few of my buddies, Charlie Pennachio, T.J. McDaniel and Larry Gatlin, who, by the way, is one of the craziest, creative guys I know.  So on a conference call, we nailed this little PSA down in 42 minutes (according to my phone).  I called up Big Kenny and he listened and loved it and within a day, we had it recorded and ready to roll.”

In the second week of John Rich’s Fox Nation concert A Night with John Rich Live!, he welcomes his partner Big Kenny to debut the new song. The livestream recorded huge numbers in its debut last week. FOX Nation will remove the subscription paywall for Rich’s concert and it will be made available on FOX News Digital and all FOX News social platforms. You can also catch Big & Rich Friday on Fox and Friends at 7:25am ET.

During the one-hour special, Big & Rich will blow it out with a set from their multi-platinum catalog of songs, as well as favorite songs from other artists and requests from viewers that will be submitted via social media. Airing live from his Nashville home, the concert will provide entertainment to those who are sheltering in place amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

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