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Lakeview Reflect on Romance, Regrets and Red Flats in “Eyes Closed”


Photo Finish Records emerging duo LAKEVIEW fly through red lights on the fast track to heartbreak in their latest tune “Eyes Closed.”

Serving as the second taste of what’s to come from the new duo comprised of Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy, “Eyes Closed” echoes the all-too-familiar sentiment that “love is blind,” taking listeners on a vivid trip through a past relationship that wasn’t exactly as it seemed. The story unfolds, and it becomes clear that this particular romance was a toxic one, filled with red flags – all easily ignored when young love comes into play.

“‘Eyes Closed’ was such an easy song for us to write because we’ve all experienced it in some way, shape or form,” says Healy. “It’s for everyone who has had their heart broken by someone they knew, deep down, wasn’t right for them – but love has a way of making you turn a blind eye to any warning signs before it’s too late.”


“We’re so stoked for everyone to finally hear this song. The day we wrote it, we knew immediately that it had to be one of the first tracks we released,” Denaro continues. “I feel like it shows a different side of LAKEVIEW that fans haven’t seen yet.”

“It’s definitely a more dialed-back version of us, but don’t worry – there is nothing ‘lax’ about this track,” adds Healy.

Written by Denaro, Healy and Kevin Bard (“How Not To,” Dan + Shay), “Eyes Closed” continues to open the doors on the duo’s signature sound, which mixes proud Country soul, a taste of Rock & Roll, and a hint of Pop ambition into one singular style – highlighting their passion for old-school storytelling alongside their impressive vocal range. The track serves as the perfect follow-up to LAKEVIEW’s debut anthem, “Poor Me,” which dropped last month (2/21) with a live-for-the-moment video to match and has continued to garner praise from fans and critics alike, with The Boot listing it among their “New Songs You’ve Got to Hear.”Fans can expect more new music from LAKEVIEW in the coming months, as they continue to make their exciting introduction to the genre.



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