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Rory Feek Announces Candid New RFD-TV Docu-series ‘This Life I Live’

Rory Feek

As a Grammy award-winning musician, New York Times bestselling author, and renowned blogger, Rory Feek has spent years pouring his heart out through his songs and stories for fans around the world. On March 8th, 2020, Rory will add another chapter to his ongoing story, turning his wildly popular blog, This Life I Live, into a television docu-series – capturing and sharing special and deeply personal moments in his life as they are happening.

Set to air each Sunday on RFD-TV, the new This Life I Live chronicles Rory’s journey as the husband, single father, and musician navigates the ups and downs of life, love, and family. The intimate new vlog series offers a candid look at the single father’s life with his 5-year-old daughter, Indiana, on their farm in Tennessee. Rory lost his wife, Joey, to cancer in 2016 – two years after their daughter’s birth – and in the series trailer, he describes how her presence pushes him to strive to be a better man, father, and husband.

“The show, like the blog I’ve written for the last five years, is really about nothing and everything at the same time,” Rory said. “It’s just one man’s thoughts and reflections on life as it’s happening. Trying to make sense of this life I’m living, just like everyone else…only I am probably a little more open and honest about it.”

Three and a half years after the loss of his wife, new questions and challenges continue to show up in his life. “Besides working through the grief of losing Joey, and learning to walk forward without her, I have an older daughter who doesn’t believe in God, a middle daughter who just married her girlfriend last year and a five-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome. Being a man of strong faith in God, navigating all of these isn’t always easy,” Rory revealed. “These are the kinds of stories that a lot of networks would turn into the punchline for a joke, but for us, it’s life. It’s the good stuff; the things that make us different and that challenge us to love deeper are the very things that make a family stronger.”  

Gatsby Gottsch Solheim, general counsel for RFD-TV, is pleased that the network will continue their journey with Feek. “Rory joined the RFD-TV family more than seven years ago, and we are honored to share the next chapter of his exceptional story with our audience,” she said. “As one of our viewers wrote in upon hearing the news: ‘Rory has a view on life and a sense of value that resonates with millions of people in this country.’ People with values and people who want peace and love in their lives will find Rory’s new show to be a huge blessing.”

Some of the show’s storylines involve opening a new location of the family restaurant, Marcy Jo’s Muletown, learning to be a solo performer after a decade of being part of an award-winning musical duo, navigating making a TV show at home, and juggling the balance of a deeply private personal life and an incredibly open public one.

“It’s strange because privately, I am very public. I capture and share deeply personal parts of my life,” Rory says. “But publicly, I am a very private person. I strive to keep life as simple as possible, especially for Indiana. Though we get the opportunity to do and be part of some extraordinary things as a family, we are also very normal and live an ordinary life in a regular small town community. It’s what helps to keep our lives and our goals firmly rooted.”

Besides the storylines, the setting for the singer’s story is also very unique. 

“We live on a farm an hour south of Nashville and have a big barn which people travel to from all across the country and a one-room schoolhouse where my little one and a dozen other kids from our community go. Both of my sisters and their families live here on the farm, in houses on either side of ours. Along with an even larger cast of characters we’re surrounded by, we all do life together.”

Rory is no stranger to peeling back the layers of his life for the public. He and Joey created and shared the RFD-TV series, The Joey+Rory Show from home. The show ran from 2012 to 2014 (and still continues to re-run on the network). The variety show was primarily a showcase for their music and a small portion of each episode featured the couple’s life on their farm, running their family-owned cafe, enjoying life with friends and family in their community, and touring the world to perform together.

“The new series is the reverse of that. Ninety percent of it is about the life we’re living and choices we’re making and in each episode, we try to feature a single song that is a culmination of the story that’s being told.”

After The Joey+Rory Show ended in 2014, Rory began documenting his life on his blog, building a following of nearly 2.5 million people. This Life I Live allows fans to continue to be a part of his story. The new vlog series will air on RFD-TV’s cable television channel (available in 52 million homes), RFD-TV’s Country Club, Facebook, YouTube, and other digital platforms.  

ICYMI: Episode 1

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