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Bama Slam Music & Arts Festival and Bama Slam Saloon Announce Further Developments Amid COVID-19 Concerns

Bama Slam Music

Due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus that is sweeping the globe and based upon recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and national and local officials, Bama Slam Music & Arts Festival and Bama Slam Saloon has decided to postpone or cancel the following events:

REMEMBERING HEE HAW – Scheduled for this Thursday, March 19 – CANCELED
ROCK N COUNTRY WEEKEND – Scheduled for April 17-18 – POSTPONED
MEMORIAL DAY GET DOWN – Scheduled for May 22-25 – POSTPONED

“Our highest priority, above absolutely everything, is the safety of our patrons,” stated Ronnie Gilley of Bama Slam. “The recommendation by the CDC and our government is to avoid gathering in large groups and we will abide by these recommendations. Anyone who purchased tickets to shows canceled or postponed can request a full refund or in-kind trade option toward another show, season passes, Bama Slam Off-Road (aka “The Mud”) extreme ATV park, water park passes and more. Just get in touch with us and Bama Slam will take care of you.”

Fans seeking to exchange or refund their tickets should visit for exchanging purchased tickets and refunds are available on the online form in a clickable format. Ticket holders may also call 334-894-0328.

All other events, including the Memorial Day XBR $10,000 Bounty Hole (May 29 and 30) and upcoming shows within Bama Slam Saloon, will continue as planned, with the exception of the Remembering Hee Haw show slated for this Thursday, March 19. Bama Slam executives have made the decision to cancel this show out of concern for COVID-19’s enhanced threat to its more senior patrons who were planning to attend the show.

The Bama Slam Saloon, Bama Slam Off-Road ATV park, and the water park will remain open with staff focused on following sanitation procedures recommended by the CDC. Bama Slam will continue to monitor the situation and follow guidance of local, state, and national officials. Any changes or updates regarding future shows will be announced on the Bama Slam Family Facebook site.

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