Ray Stevens Announces Tornado Relief Concert

Ray Stevens

Country Music Hall of Famer Ray Stevens has announced his efforts to help those affected by the tornadoes that ravaged Middle Tennessee last week.

On Saturday, March 7, during a live interview on Fox News Channel’s Cavuto Live, Stevens announced that he will donate his CabaRay 2020 opening night concert proceeds to tornado relief efforts in the mid-state.

“Tennessee is known as the ‘Volunteer State’ and you know it’s true when you look at the tremendous outpouring of support we’ve seen over the past few days,” says Stevens. “This week, my CabaRay Showroom here in Nashville kicks off its 2020 season. We’ll be donating the opening night’s proceeds to tornado relief efforts here in Middle Tennessee.”

Stevens’ 2020 season-opening night at CabaRay is set for this Thursday, March 12 at 7:30 p.m. / CT. Proceeds from the evening will go to storm victims via the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

“We hope plenty of folks will come out and enjoy the show to help Nashville recover,” adds Stevens.

Beginning this week, Stevens will perform at CabaRay every Thursday and Saturday night throughout the remainder of the year.

CabaRay is located at 5724 River Rd, Nashville, TN, 37209. For ticket information, call (615) 327-4630 or visit

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  1. I hope to make it to Nashville this calendar year to see Ray Stevens at the CabaRay again. I was fortunate enough to see him at the CabaRay back in March 2018 during the first season of his showroom but I hadn’t been able to get back there. Ray and country music artists, in general, are very charitable and generous.

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