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Lakeview Make a Splash with Debut “Poor Me”


Raise a glass to Photo Finish Records newcomers LAKEVIEW – the emerging duo now making a splash with their debut track, “Poor Me.” Out today (2/21) with a live-for-the-moment video to match, the hands-up anthem serves as the perfect introduction to the musical brotherhood of Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy.

Setting themselves apart, the Nashville by-way-of Pittsburgh duo distill proud Country soul, a little Rock & Roll scope, and subtle Pop ambition into one singular style – rooted in old-school storytelling but elevated by modern sonic attitude. As their debut single, “Poor Me” highlights all this and more with its relatable message and party-starting hook, resulting in an inevitable singalong that everyone will want to join.

“We’ve always been the type to make decisions very quickly,” says Denaro. “After a drunken night of songwriting, we’ll just make a major life change. That’s how we started doing music together. It’s also how we ended up relocating to Nashville. We don’t wait around for anything, if we can help it.”

“This translates into our songwriting too,” adds Healy. “Everything we do is rooted in traditional upbeat Country, but you’ll also hear influences from other genres all across the board. We never hesitate to try something new or include unexpected elements in our music. I guess you could say we enjoy pushing the boundaries just enough.”

The video for “Poor Me” marks LAKEVIEW’s arrival, seeing Denaro and Healy highlight their carpe-diem ethos through a cinematic mini epic. Stuck in the retail purgatory of their dead-end jobs at a sleepy convenience store, the duo eventually decide life is way too short to be spent sweeping floors and hawking cans of dip – choosing instead to chase their “small-town famous” dreams.

“It’s more or less about your weekly grind,” Healy says of their up-tempo debut. “When the weekend rolls around, you get to party like you’re a rockstar and let loose. That’s the way we’ve lived our lives for as long as we’ve known each other. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money. It’s not about being known. You can party like you’re famous and tear it up on the weekends, even if you have nothing.”

2020 is sure to be a pivotal year for the emerging duo, as LAKEVIEW not only plan to release more new music, but have also lined up two major festival appearances in the coming months – Stagecoach in Indio, CA, on April 25, followed by Hometown Rising in Louisville, KY, on September 12.



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