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Contemporary Country Artist Nathan Thomas to Release Debut Album “Simpler Times”

Nathan Thomas
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Contemporary country artist Nathan Thomas, will release his new album Simpler Times, on March 6, 2020. The project features seven new songs that were inspired and co-written by Thomas, with four singles being released before the album’s official release date. The first single and music video are currently available for “Distracted” which released Jan. 10, with the second single “Talk” being released February 7. 

Thomas fans need to purchase their tickets and get ready for a fun evening, as the singer/songwriter is hosting an album release concert on March 6, at Nashville’s live music venue Analog at Hutton Hotel, at 7:00 pm CT. Tickets may be purchased on Thomas’s website.

“This album has been 18 months in the making, but it’s packed with a decade worth of life lessons,” said Thomas. “Relationships, parenting, distractions, coping with failed expectations; if I had to sum it up, I’ve lived most of my life caught up in the noise. However, I’m recognizing the harmony of being content in the simpler times.These songs mean a lot to me and I can’t wait to share them with you!”

Thomas brings his talents that were honed over the years to Simpler Times, with his relatable lyrics and strong vocals.This is a great collection of songs that focuses on the overloaded lives we all live, and how we can start really connecting with each other again. The album explores the areas of our lives, whether that’s through relationships, raising children, or just dealing with everyday issues. As the title track puts it so succinctly, All I ever wanted was for my life to hurry up/Now I’m trying to slow it down and learning how to love/Keep dialing up simpler times.

For more information about Thomas visit his website, and follow him on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

Simpler Times Track Listing
1.    Simpler Times
2.    Look Up
3.    Talk
4.    Distracted
5.    When I Grow Up
6.    We Were Boys
7.    Best In Me

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