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The Gatlin Brothers Launch “65th Anniversary” Tour

The Gatlin Brothers

 GRAMMY® Award-winning country legends Larry, Steve, and Rudy: The Gatlin Brothers are hitting the road to celebrate six and a half decades of music. The brothers’ “65th Anniversary Tour” takes place throughout 2020 with more than 60 live concerts by the year’s end. Today, the brothers announced the first leg of the tour that includes stops in Kansas City, MO; Arlington, TX; Deadwood, SD; Chandler, AZ; Bremen, GA; Fort Wayne, IN; Sandusky, OH; Irvine, CA; Council Bluffs, IA, and more. 

“The man who loves his job is always on vacation,” says Larry. “Well, I’ve been on vacation with my two best friends, brother Steve and brother Rudy, for 65 years, singing our music for millions of wonderful people. I am greatly blessed!” 

Sixty-five years ago this spring, Grand Ole Opry members (for 43 years) the Gatlin Brothers began singing together as children. It all began in Abilene, Texas, in 1955, when Larry was six, Steve was four and Rudy was two. Led by their mother, the young trio sang at various church and public events throughout Texas, honing their craft with each performance. As the years went by, the brothers continued their musical journey that eventually led them to mainstream success in the late 1970s. Platinum and Gold-selling albums and a throng of hit songs (including “All the Gold in California,” “Broken Lady,” “Houston (Means I’m One Day Closer to You)” and “I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love”) thrust the brothers into stardom, making them household names by the mid 1980s. 

Throughout the years, the Gatlins have performed in thousands of live concert venues including some of the most prestigious in the country: the White House, the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, the Houston Astrodome and more. 

More dates will be announced in the coming weeks at

 Larry, Steve & Rudy: The Gatlin Brothers "65th Anniversary Tour" Dates:
Jan 17 - Green Bay, WI - Meyer Theatre
Jan 18 - Kansas City, MO - Muriel Kauffman Theatre
Jan 19 - St. Charles, IL - Arcada Theatre
Jan 21 - The Villages, FL - Savannah Center
Jan 25-28 - The Country Music Cruise
Feb 4 - Palmetto, FL - Bradenton Area Convention Center
Feb 13/14 - Wickenburg, AZ - Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts
Feb 15 - Bellingham, WA - Mount Baker Theatre
Feb 21 - Arlington, TX - Arlington Music Hall
Feb 22 - McPherson, KS - McPherson Opera House
Feb 27 - Deadwood, SD - Deadwood Mountain Grand Event Center
Feb 29 - Wausau, WI - Grand Theater
March 14 - Chandler, AZ - Chandler Center for the Arts
March 20 - St. Louis, MO - River City Casino
March 27 - Lubbock, TX - Cactus Theater
March 28 - Dalhart, TX - La Rita Performing Arts Theatre
March 29 - Lubbock, TX - Cactus Theater
April 4 - Bremen, GA - Mill Town Music Hall
April 7 - Indian Wells, CA - Toscana Country Club
April 28 - Warren, OH - Packard Music Hall
May 8 - Fort Wayne, IN - The Clyde Theatre
May 9 - Sandusky, OH - Sandusky State Theatre
June 5 - Marion, IL - Marion Cultural and Civic Center
July 25-Aug 1 - The Gaither Cruise
Aug 20 - Waco, TX - Waco Hippodrome Theatre
Aug 21 - Midland, TX - Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center
Aug 22 - Greenville, TX - Greenville Municipal Auditorium 
Sept 18 - Poway, CA - Poway Center for the Performing Arts
Sept 19 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Lewis Family Playhouse
Oct 4 - Irvine, CA - Irvine Barclay Theatre
Oct 24 - Branson, MO - The Mansion Theatre
Nov 5 - Mayetta, KS - Prairie Band Casino & Resort
Nov 6 - Council Bluffs, IA - The Arts Center at Iowa Western
Nov 7 - Mason City, IA - North Iowa Community Auditorium
Dec 3 - Newberry, SC - Newberry Opera House

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