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Morgan Myles Releases “I Believe” In Memory of Late Cousin

Morgan Myles

Morgan Myles‘ new song “I Believe” dropped earlier this week. The debut of this song is in memory of her dear cousin Mackenzie DeClue, who passed a year ago from glioblastoma brain cancer. He was only 33 years old. Morgan described the loss she felt when she heard the news of her cousin’s passing:

The day that I wrote I Believe I was in LA for a writing trip when I received a text message from my aunt that my cousin was beginning ‘End of Life Therapy’ that day. Up until that point I truly was in denial, I really felt he was going to beat this disease (even though no one has ever survived this type of cancer). I guess I didn’t want to accept it. Needless to say, when I showed up to my writing appointment I was an emotional wreck. I walked in and immediately broke down in front of my co-writer, Brandon Rogers. Through many tears, I explained to Brandon how the old gospel song, ‘I Believe’ was a song that my late grandfather always begged me to sing as a little girl and that the song has become a place of faith and hope for me.

My producer, Jason Mater (Disney Music Group), thought it was important to keep the song’s integrity by letting it be raw and simple to convey the spiritual depth that I was experiencing emotionally. While writing and then eventually recording – I Believe became more like a prayer, a reminder that sometimes faith is all we have when life throws us challenges that are completely out of our control.

This song will be included in her forthcoming album Therapy, set to drop January 17.

LISTEN to “I Believe” HERE

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