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Easton Corbin Shares Acoustic Video for His Emotional New Single “Raising Humans”

Easton Corbin

Easton Corbin premiered the stripped-down acoustic performance video for his emotional new single “Raising Humans.” The video premiered on Sounds Like Nashville last week.

“I love playing this song stripped down,” Corbin tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I feel like it’s just such an impactful way to tell the story. We went in to a barn in Leipers Fork one afternoon and recorded the video and loved how it turned out.”

Last month, Corbin released “Raising Humans” and it sparked such an emotional response from his fans who began sending him photos of themselves with the special pets in their lives. He honored his fans and their pets with the fan-inspired “Raising Humans” video which he released directly to his fans earlier this month. Click HERE for “Raising Humans.” 

“Raising Humans,” written by Michael White, is an emotional song told uniquely from the dog’s perspective about the complexities and the unconditional love and support of helping their human through life’s journey. 

“Raising Humans” is available at all digital service providers HERE.

Corbin was invited to perform “Raising Humans” at a VIP Reception and The Love of Dogs Benefit Concert hosted by Hallmark Channel and PEDIGREE Foundation last month at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN. The concert raised funds for the PEDIGREE Foundation as part of Hallmark Channel’s Adoption Ever After Initiative which has helped over 30,000 pets find their forever homes.  The Love of Dogs Benefit Concert aired on Hallmark Channel last month.

The Florida native has paired his appreciation and support of the military, first responders and veterans organizations with his love of animals in his recent partnership with Companions for Heroesan organization thatsaves, trains andprovides companion animals from shelters to active duty military personnel and veterans, as well as his support of the Hallmark Channel’s Adoption Ever After Initiative benefitting the PEDIGREE FOUNDATION.

Corbin, an ardent supporter of military and veteran organizations, has worked tirelessly over the course of his career while on the road and through his partnerships with companies like Ram Nation and Kretschmarâ where Corbin has had the opportunity to work with, perform for and/or meet many active military and veterans through organizations like Operation Homefront and Vets Returning Home as well as his partnership with Air Force Entertainment for his last two years of playing 6-7 free Air Force Base Tours around the Independence Day holiday.

For more information on Easton Corbin and updates to his tour schedule go www.EastonCorbin.com

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