Devin Dawson

Devin Dawson and Leah Sykes Are Married

Devin Dawson and Leah Sykes are married.

The “All on Me” crooner and the singer-songwriter tied the knot in Franklin, Tennessee on Sunday in front of 200 guests at the Carnton historic plantation house and museum — and PEOPLE has all the exclusive details.

Ahead of their big day, Dawson, 30, told PEOPLE that he and Sykes, 22, chose the sprawling farm (which played an important role during and immediately after the American Civil War’s Battle of Franklin in 1864) as their venue because it was the ideal setting for an autumn ceremony.

“The property has a perfect set up for a fall wedding with the garden, foliage and a 250-year-old oak tree serving as an incredibly gorgeous and natural altar,” said the couple, who added that they chose a color scheme of Dawson’s signature black, as well as merlot and champagne, to decorate the space.

Standing beside Dawson on the big day was a bridal party made up of seven groomsmen: his best man and twin brother Jacob Durrett, his childhood best friends Kyle Fishman and Daniel Kutch, his best friends from college Grant Blevins and Matt Roberts, his band’s right-hand man and collaborator Austin Taylor Smith and music industry confidant Josh Tomlinson, who was the first friend he made when he moved to Nashville.

Sykes’ older brother, Jacob, married the couple, who wrote their own wedding vows.

“We wanted to recite our own written vows in addition to traditional wedding vows,” Dawson said. “You better believe that two songwriters and artists wanted to write our own vows and promises!”

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