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Canaan Smith Toasts to “Pour Decisions” in Clever New Release

Canaan Smith

Round Here Records’ PLATINUM hitmaker CANAAN SMITH orders up another round of “Pour Decisions” with his clever new tune – out today (10/25). 

The carefree song tells the story of a guy who just got the boot in his relationship, but he has no one to blame but himself and his poor decisions – or rather, his “Pour Decisions.” Written by Smith, along with Corey Crowder, Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, and Ernest K Smith, the gritty track features an inevitable singalong, as Smith toasts round after round, reminiscing and reveling in the fact that he’s no longer tied down. “We wrote ‘Pour Decisions’ down at Brian Kelley’s house in Grayton Beach, Florida,” says Smith. “It was a total blast — we even celebrated with a beach party after we finished it. Hope people have as good of a time listening to it as we did writin’ it.”

“Pour Decisions” comes on the heels of Smith’s tender “Life Ain’t Fair,” an ode to his wife Christy – who is expecting their first child next month

As the first artist signed to Round Here Records – the creativity-focused brainchild of Florida Georgia Line superstars Hubbard and Brian Kelley, Smith stormed back onto the scene earlier this year with the release of two other party tunes – the hopped-up and chilled-to-the-max “Beer Drinkin’ Weather” and unapologetic chest-thumper “Country Boy Things.”

And the new music doesn’t stop there – recently wrapping up a run as a featured opener on Florida Georgia Line’s massive CAN’T SAY I AIN’T COUNTRY TOUR, Smith is already back in the studio with plans to continue revealing more of what he calls “Canaan Country” in the new year.



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