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Clare Dunn Serves Up One-Two Punch with Two New Tracks

Clare Dunn

Weeks after releasing a genre-bending makeover of her signature song “My Love,” Clare Dunn is back with new music. Released on October 18, “Gold to Glitter” and “Money’s All Gone” both shine new light on Dunn’s “swaggering confidence and soulful vocals” (Rolling Stone), while also making room for her top-tier guitar skills and supersized hooks. Listen HERE.

The two songs also nod to Dunn’s roots in small-town Colorado, where she worked on her family’s farm before launching her acclaimed career in Nashville.

“‘Gold to Glitter’ is about watching the golden sunset turn into the glittery, star-filled, wide-open night sky that I grew up under,” she says. “Sunset has always been my favorite time of day, and the sunsets I grew up watching were spectacular.” Appropriately, “Gold to Glitter” is a shimmering, anthemic track, with a chorus as big as the nighttime sky itself.

Meanwhile, “Money’s All Gone” is a guitar-driven rocker that rushes forward at highway speed, with Dunn’s fretwork on the electric guitar matching her powerful vocals. The song’s classic rock swagger nods to Bob Seger, who hand-picked Dunn to serve as the opening act on a recent arena tour, as well as her longtime heroes the Rolling Stones.

“‘Money’s All Gone’ is inspired by all the times my sister and I would go to town in a 1984 Chevrolet dually that ran on propane with a couple bucks in our pocket,” Dunn remembers. “We’d have fun until the money was all gone, then head home. It was the norm for kids who grew up where I’m from.” She traces the song’s rock & roll attitude back to those childhood days out west, too. “Most people think when you make a living in agriculture, like we did, that it’s a laid-back life,” she explains, “when really you’ve got to rock & roll to get it done.”

“Gold to Glitter” and “Money’s All Gone” both arrive on the heels of Dunn’s R&B-influenced “My Love” remix, which debuted on October 4 and features a high-energy cameo from Beyoncé collaborator INGRID. With three new recordings hitting the streets this month, Clare Dunn remains as busy as ever, wrapping up a banner the only she knows how: by making compelling, consistent music.

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