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Trea Landon Knows “What Feelin’ Good Feels Like” in Brand New Song

Trea Landon

 It’s the simple things in life that make tried-and-true country boy Trea Landon feel good, and now the Warner Music Nashville recording artist is letting fans know “What Feelin’ Good Feels Like” in his brand new song (listen HERE). Landon penned the laidback tune, which celebrates modest pleasures from a “couple crickets and a cane pole” to “a summer firefly light show,” alongside Danny Myrick and Bryan West. 

The 25-year-old Georgia native is telling his homegrown story through songs such as “What Feelin’ Good Feels Like” and debut single “Loved By A Country Boy.” The latter has accumulated more than 4.5 million on-demand streams and has been praised for its “sweet lyrics and cool country sound” (All Access). It was recently selected for Amazon’s Weekly One, which highlights one song each week from an emerging artist, and was featured as the Amazon Music “Song of the Day” last weekend. Landon penned the song that Sounds Like Nashville described as “smooth-as-glass sound… filled with dirt-road romance and sunset vibes” with Kyle Fishman, Dallas Davidon and Justin Wilson (listen HERE).

“Loved by A Country Boy” made the singer / songwriter the most-added new artist upon impacting at radio, and it previously held a week-long spot on Spotify’s United States Viral 50 chart (peaking at No. 16). The single’s official music video made its broadcast debut at CMT last week in addition to an online premiere on Taste of Country (watch HERE), who called it “a slick, well-produced sound…that celebrates the joys of clean country living and loving.” 

Already a seasoned road warrior, Landon has toured over the past 12 months with the likes of Riley Green and Jon Langston. He will be returning to his hometown of Claxton, GA to perform at his fifth annual Down Home Days – a self-produced concert – this Saturday, October 5. 
Landon scored a publishing deal within weeks of moving to Nashville in 2015, released an EP independently with more than three million streams and has since joined the Warner Music Nashville label family. He considers the Peach Pickers among his greatest influences on his songs that tell tale of love, heartbreak, dirt roads and good times. 

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  1. William Pinkard says:

    My cousin Sandy Pinkard is with Warner.

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