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Leann Rimes to Release First Live Recording, “Rimes: Live At Gruene Hall”

Leann Rimes

Earlier this year, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and powerhouse vocalist LeAnn Rimes unveiled Rimes: Live at Gruene Hall as an exclusive Record Store Day only, vinyl release. As a gift to her fans around the globe, Rimes announced at her sold-out show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last night, that she is making the record available worldwide across all digital and streaming formats. This marks Rimes first live album in the history of her 25-year career.

“Making this album was so much fun,” shares Rimes. “Gruene Hall is such an intimate venue and holds so much history. The crowd was so vibrant and with the response to the vinyl I am humbled by the fans for their positive feedback and make this a gift to everyone who couldn’t get the limited vinyl release.”

Rimes made this album to celebrate all genres of music ranging from rock ‘n roll, to country to soul. Re-arranged covers of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s  “Pride and Joy”, Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” and much more. Each song is live, raw and removed of tricks or common studio production gimmicks. With this release, the music icon reminds listeners her voice is unlike any other. She is a rare breed. She is a singer’s singer.

Rimes: Live at Gruene Hall features a collection of ten live performances from the world-renowned vocalist performing at Gruene Hall. Historically known as “the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas,” Rimes celebrates her love for all music ranging from rock, pop, soul, country, gospel and blues under one roof. See full track listing below.

Later this year, Rimes will set out on her 7th annual Christmas tour titled “You And Me And Christmas”. She will visit 11 cities across the east coast. For tickets and more information on Rimes, visit www.leannrimes.com

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