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Bellamy Brothers Extend Overseas Tour Dates

Bellamy Brothers
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The Bellamy Brothers are back in the states after a whirlwind European tour, visiting five countries in less than two weeks. Performing to sold-out crowds, all while filming season 3 of their hit reality show, “Honky Tonk Ranch,” the non-stop duo will return to Europe in October for additional performances (full list of tour dates below). 

Aninternational symbol of country music ( / Samantha Stephens), cameras were rolling for Season 3 of “Honky Tonk Ranch” as the brothers were honored in Germany with Sign of Fame handprints, featured amongst world leaders and celebrities, including the Dalai Lama and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

The Bellamy Brothers performed in Belgium, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and the historical Kimbolton Castle in the United Kingdom, where King Henry Vll’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon lived until her death.

Earlier this year, the legendary duo wrapped up Blake Shelton’s “Friends & Heroes 2019 Tour,” where they performed their hits to sold-out arena crowds throughout the United States. During an episode of the Bellamy Brothers’ “Honky Tonk Ranch,” fans got a behind-the-scenes look at their life on the road. International fans can stream previous and upcoming seasons of “Honky Tonk Ranch” at

Between filming season two of “Honky Tonk Ranch” and touring with Blake Shelton, the Bellamys found time to record fourteen all-new tracks for their album, Over The Moon. The album was produced by David and Howard Bellamy along with Randy Hiebert, and recorded at Bellamy Brothers Studio in Darby, Florida.

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Oct. 01 Grieghallen – Bergen, Norway 
Oct. 02 Kilden – Kristiansand, Norway 
Oct. 03 Kuppelhallen – Stavanger, Norway 
Oct. 04 Konserthus – Oslo, Norway 
Oct. 05 Maihaugsalen – Lillehammer, Norway 
Oct. 06 Olavshallen – Trondheim, Norway 
Oct. 08 Nojesteatern – Malmo, Sweden 
Oct. 10 Cirkus Skandiascenen – Stockholm, Sweden
Oct. 11 Konserthuset – Gavle, Sweden
Oct. 12 Hotell Lappland – Lycksele, Sweden

Sep. 19 Steiner Steakhouse – Austin, Texas 
Sep. 20 “Fowler Fest” – John T. Floores Country Store – Helotes, Texas 
Sep. 21 Mabank Jubilee-BBQ Cookoff Festival Expo Pavilion – Mabank, Texas 
Sep. 27 Hardtails Bar & Grill – Georgetown, Texas 
Sep. 28 4-H Country Hoedown – Mission, Texas
Oct. 15 Private Event – Tallahassee, Fla. 
Oct. 18 Rattlesnake Festival 2019 Dan Cannon Auditorium – Dade City, Fla. 
Oct. 19 Andy Griffith Playhouse – Mount Airy, N.C.
Oct. 21 Private Event – Talladega, Ala.  
Oct. 25 Billy Bob’s Texas – Forth Worth, Texas 
Oct. 26 The Mansion Theatre – Branson, Mo. 
Nov. 01 Five J Dancehall – McGregor, Texas 
Nov. 02 Sugar Creek Casino – Hinton, Okla. 
Nov. 07 Del E. Webb Center PAC – Wickenburg, Ariz. 
Nov. 08 Peppermill Casino – West Wendover, Nev. 
Nov. 09 Rava Winery – Paso Robles, California
Nov. 15 Golden Nugget Biloxi – Biloxi, Miss.
Nov. 16 Crockett Civic Center / Piney Woods Fine Arts – Crockett, Texas
Nov. 21 Private – Trilby, Fla.
Nov. 22 Liberty Showcase Theatre – Liberty, N.C.
Nov. 23 Red Barn Convention Center – Winchester, Ohio
Nov. 29 Main Street Crossing – Tomball, Texas 
Nov. 30 Main Street Crossing – Tomball, Texas
Dec. 06 Grandbury Live Theatre – Grandbury, Texas
Dec. 07 Old Coupland Dance Hall & Inn – Coupland, Texas 
Dec. 12 The Royal Grove – Lincoln, Neb.  
Dec. 13 The Beaumont Event & Concert Hall – Wayne, Neb.
Dec. 14 Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel Veterans Memorial Convention Center – Tama, Iowa 
Dec. 15 Rollie’s – Sauk Rapids, Minn. 

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