Play It Again Music Signs Walker Montgomery

Walker Montgomery
Photo Courtesy Play It Again

Play It Again Music has signed Walker Montgomery, as their flagship artist, to a multi-faceted music publishing and artist development deal.  Founder and CEO, Dallas Davidson will produce a new project on Montgomery, who is the son of country music legend John Michael Montgomery and the nephew of Eddie Montgomery (Montgomery Gentry), which will be released on the company’s independent label.  

“I know a superstar when I see one, and as soon as I met Walker I knew we had to make him a part of our team. With that much talent running through his blood, it won’t be long before everyone knows how incredible he is” says Davidson. 

Davidson, a celebrated platinum-selling songwriter with more than 25 #1 songs to his credit, is not wasting any time starting the creative process and recording of Montgomery’s debut for Play It Again, which began yesterday, and has plans to deliver it to the marketplace immediately. 

Before signing his deal, Walker Montgomery appreciated success on his own terms racking up more than 3 million streams with his self-penned first single “Simple Town,” garnering the attention of Play It Again’s President, Juli Newton-Griffith.  Griffith looks forward to spearheading the development of Montgomery’s career and establishing him as a major songwriter and recording artist. 

“There is something very special about Walker. He is a natural super star. This is going to be really fun!” says Newton-Griffith  

“This is totally BUCKET LIST for me!!  I’ve been in awe of Dallas Davidson since I was a teenager and only dreamed about the opportunity to shake his hand someday.  To be signed to his music company and have him produce a record on me is just mind boggling.  And, I’m also very lucky to have Juli as a mentor and leader. I feel very blessed and I’m so appreciative of this opportunity,” says Montgomery. 

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