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Mickey Guyton Releases Stunning Music Video for “Sister”

Mickey Guyton

Capitol Records Nashville’s Mickey Guyton released the stunning video for her female support and solidarity song “Sister.” The video can be viewed here.  Mickey worked with video director Chelsea Thompson on the concept as well as the casting of six of Mickey’s “sisters.” 

“It was so important to me to not only feature some of my dearest friends in this video, but to represent all types of ‘sisters’ so when women watch this video, they see someone who looks like them,” shares Mickey. “It is more important than ever to show diversity and that Country music is for everyone.”

“Sister,” co-written by Mickey, Nathan Spicer and Victoria Banks and produced by Forest Glen Whitehead is the first song from a period of introspection and inspiration for Guyton.  Currently in the studio with Forest, Mickey is working on more new music. 

In April her song “Hold On” which she co-wrote with Karen Kosowski and Victoria Banks is featured the major motion picture BREAKTHROUGH starring Chrissy Metz (This Is Us).  The poignant and uplifting song was written and recorded in less than 24 hours after Mickey received a summary of a scene in the film.  At this year’s ACM Awards, Mickey performed alongside Metz, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina and Maddie & Tae, the song “I’m Standing With You” also from the BREAKTHROUGH movie soundtrack. 


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  1. David J Remick says:

    You were careful who you picked for the video, why are they not identified?

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