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ICYMI: Sister Hazel’s New EP, Earth, Out Now!

Sister Hazel

Earth, the fourth and final installment of platinum-selling band Sister Hazel’s highly-anticipated compilation series entitled “Elements,” is out TODAY! To celebrate the release of their new EP, the band recently made their iHeart Radio “Bobby Bones Show” debut as well as their fourth appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. A microcosm of new songs espousing hopefulness, chasing your dreams, and dealing with life’s trial and tribulations, Earthsprouts six new standout tracks each showcasing the band’s musicianship, signature harmonies and lyrical genius.

The new EP is available to stream and purchase HERE.

Undeniably talented songwriters, each track on Earth was written by Sister Hazel with other notable writers Darius Rucker, Barry Dean, Randy Montana, and more. Earth was co-produced by Ben Jackson and Sister Hazel. “Raising A Rookie,” the inspirational first track (written by noted tunesmiths Darius Rucker, Barry Dean and Sister Hazel’s Andrew Copeland) sets the tone for the EP with its theme of succeeding no matter the obstacles. “Follow The River” delivers a message of following your heart, while the uptempo, “Slow Lightening,” sings about love lighting the way. “Memphis Rain” tells a story of gracefully walking away, while “Good For You,” is a lighthearted tune about stepping up and stepping out. The song, “Elements,” rounds up the EP as it continues to evolve over the past three-themed EP.

EarthTrack List:1. “Raising A Rookie” (Andrew Copeland, Darius Rucker, Barry Dean)
2. “I Don’t Do Well Alone” (Ken Block, Jerry Flowers)
3. “Slow Lighting” (Andrew Copeland, Jett Beres, Barry Dean)
4. “Memphis Rain” (Andrew Copeland, Jett Beres, Billy Montana)
5. “Good For You” (Andrew Copeland, Billy Montana)
6. “Follow The River” (Billy Montana, Randy Montana, Andrew Copeland, Jett Beres)
7. Elements IV “Remember Me” – (Ken Block) 

Sister Hazel On Tour:09.06.19 New York, New York Sony Hall
09.07.19 Falls Church, VA State Theatre
09.12.19 Hartford, CT Infinity Hall
09.13.19 Fairfield, CT The Warehouse
09.14.19 Plymouth, NH Flying Monkey Performance Center
09.16.19 St.John’s, NL Iceberg Alley Performance Tent
09.20.19 Gainesville, FL Lyrics for Life 2019
09.26.19 Columbia, SC Central Energy (Rock 4 Recovery)
09.27.19 London, KY World Chicken Festival
09.28.19 – Winston-Salem, NC BB&T Ballpark
10.02.19 Annapolis, MD Rams Head on Stage
10.03.19 Hopewell, VA The Beacon Theatre
10.04.19 Hampton, VA The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery
10.05.19 Huntersville, NC Hops and Hogs Festival
10.26.19 Jacksonville Beach, FL NOCtoberfest  
11.14.19 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse 
11.15.19 Dothan, AL The Plant   
11.16.19 Savannah, GA Victory North   
11.19.19 Tallahassee, FL Ruby Diamond Concert Hall
11.20.19 Huntsville, AL SideTracks Music Hall
11.21.19 St. Louis, MO Delmar Hall
11.22.19 Kansas City, MO Ameristar Casino KC – Star Pavilion
11.23.19 Birmingham, AL Iron City
12.14.19 Chicago House Of Blues
12.15.19 Chicago House Of Blues  
01.24.20 The Rock Boat
02.29.20 Hamlet, NC Richmond Community College Cole Auditorium  

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