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Honey Country and Spencer Crandall’s “Under Your Influence” Featured on “Yellowstone”

Honey Country

Cali-Country trio, Honey County continues to impress with the release of their new song “Under Your Influence” with Nashville-based riser, Spencer Crandall. The new single, along with their 2018 release “Love Someone” will be featured in the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” starring Kevin Costner this evening. “Under Your Influence” was penned by the band’s Dani Rose along with JP Williams and Maks Gabriel and can be downloaded and streamed now

“We’ve been longtime fans of music supervisor Andrea von Foerster (500 Days of Summer) and the creator of ‘Yellowstone,’ Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water). When Andrea first told us about a new show she was working on starring Kevin Costner as a ranch owner, and that we might be a good fit musically, I played it cool but I was freaking out inside,” commented Dani Rose. “We’re so grateful to Andrea and Taylor for giving us a platform on a hit show that educates viewers not only on conserving the natural beauty of our national parks but also exposes them to new music interwoven creatively within a twisted plot. We can’t wait to watch the rest of Season 2 and the hopeful demise of the Beck Brothers.”

“I’m so excited about this new single! It’s very rewarding to have a song featured on a huge show like ‘Yellowstone,’” said Spencer Crandall, “I loved getting to work with Honey County and I can’t wait to hear what the fans think of ‘Under Your Influence’!”

The Boot recently featured them in “Who Are Honey County? 5 Things You Need to Know.” Follow Honey County on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube. Keep up with their tour dates on their website at

Honey County Tour Dates:
Sept. 6-7 – Pomona, Calif. – LA County Fair
Sept. 8 – Santa Barbara, Calif. – Santa Barbara Country Music Festival
Sept. 18 – Napa, Calif. – Benefit Show w/ Danica Patrick
Oct. 11 – Temecula, Calif. – Wilson Creek Winery w/ Lauren Alaina
Oct. 19 – Los Angeles, Calif. – Outer Harbor/Berth 46 – Country Freedom Festival
Oct. 30 – Anaheim, Calif. – The Ranch
Nov. 2 – Powhattan, Kan. – Sac & Fox Casino
Nov. 9 – Decatur, Ill. – Millikan University
Nov. 23-24 – Brisbane, Australia – Hometown Fest

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