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Kevin Fowler Teases Upcoming Album with Boot-Scootin’ Lyric Video for “Neon”

Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler is delivering the goods again, this time teasing his upcoming album BARSTOOL STORIES with a new boot-scootin’ lyric videofor the brand new song “Neon.”

Written by Kevin Fowler, Brandon Kinney, and Clint Daniels, “Neon” is a classic Kevin Fowler romper perfect for getting folks up and dancing. The lyric video features a woman playfully dancing to the song as Fowler’s rapid-fire lyrics roll off the page. 

“’Neon’ makes me want to move just thinking about it,’” Fowler says. “I can’t wait to see all our fans out there dancing under the neon to this one.”

“Neon” is another in an exciting line of previews to Fowler’s upcoming album BARSTOOL STORIES, coming out on August 23rd. The record is one of Fowler’s most anticipated yet and features plenty of great co-writes and collaborations, including “A Drinkin’ Song,” which counts country superstar Chris Stapleton as a co-writer and borrows the talents of Roger Creager and Cody Johnson.  

Fowler has teased a handful of songs to date, including “Better With A Beer,” which has achieved the “Most Added” and “Most Spin Increase” honors from the Texas Regional Radio Report for three weeks in a row. His fun video for the song also caught fire on social media, earning hundreds of thousands of views. 

Fowler continues to trek across Texas and beyond, bringing new music and old favorites to dancehalls, arenas, fairs and festivals all over the country. 

Fans can officially preorder BARSTOOL STORIES here.

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