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Dee Jay Silver Returns to Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar

Dee Jay Silver
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Groundbreaking DJ/remixer/producer/radio host Dee Jay Silver, who just released his album Corners last week (July 26th), returns to Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar on Sunday, August 18th and Sunday, September 1st.  CLICK HERE to listen to Corners. 

Corners (Reven8te Nashville) marks the first full-length album of original music from Dee Jay Silver in his nearly 20-year career. The album captures the open-format performer’s unique ability to blend all types of music from hip-hop and rock to house and country into a non-stop at-home party featuring an array of guest artists from all genres including LOCASH, Waterloo Revival, Lil’ Flip, Constantine, and recent The Voice contestant Rizzi Myers, among others.

“The reason for naming the record Corners is because this album literally takes you into all corners of my mind,” explains the multifaceted artist. “This album has songs from all genres. There’s country crossover songs from Waterloo Revival and LOCASH and hip-hop tracks featuring Constantine from LA and Lil’ Flip from Houston, plus a remix of my single ‘Safe Zone,’ Top 40 pop songs, original house tracks made for the clubs, and more. This album has been a long time in the making and I’m excited for everyone to finally hear it!”

Corners officially begins with a sweet prelude from Silver’s almost 3-year-old son, Wake, leading into the album’s critically-acclaimed debut single “Getaway Driver” featuring country duo Waterloo Revival. Taste of Country, who first premiered the pop-country track, called it “a high-energy love song” and added, “Silver’s original music continues to target fans of a more progressive country sound, but he doesn’t break format with this guitar and drum loop-anchored love story.” Additionally, The Bootdescribed the song as “a pumped-up love anthem ready-made for summer” and Music Row noted, “Country’s favorite mix master teams up with this up-and-coming group for a sunny outing.” PRESS HERE to watch the lyric video for “Getaway Driver.”

Elsewhere on the 11-track album is a remix of his 2018 R&B-tinged single “Safe Zone” featuring Cort Carpenter, EDM bangers “Bring That Bass Back” and “Drop It Like,” hip-hop tracks “Go Off” featuring Constantine and Lil’ Flip and “Rubberband Money” featuring Rizzi Myers, and the country-dance-leaning “Don’t Get Better Than That” featuring LOCASH, the latter of which Silver recently told Celeb Secrets is the song he’s most proud of on the album. “The first tour bus I was ever on was with [LOCASH] about 12 or 13 years ago,” he explained. “We’ve been working forever trying to do records together and finally, we got a track together so it’s great.” 

The Nashville-based artist, one of music’s most in-demand and busiest entertainers, will be out on the road throughout the remainder of the year supporting Corners on separate tours alongside country superstars Luke Combs and Jason Aldean in addition to various country music festivals and headlining gigs and club residencies. This year’s outing on the “Ride All Night Tour,” where Silver will be spinning between sets by Aldean, Kane Brown and Carly Peace, marks his 10th tour as Aldean’s resident DJ. Dee Jay Silver also continues to host (since 2014) his own weekly radio show “The Country Club with Dee Jay Silver,” syndicated nationally via Compass Media Networks every Friday and Saturday nights, and serves as a music editor for DJCity, providing the record pool with country tracks and remixes. Additionally, Dee Jay Silverhas launched a new project called RoadHouse with Las Vegas’ DJ Ikon, which made their debut at the Faster Horses Country Music Festival on July 20th, that will be bringing the party to festivals, nightclubs, pool parties and more from coast to coast. Dee Jay Silver’s music, including his singles “Safe Zone,” “Made To Do” and “Just Got Paid” and original remixes, has been streamed over 3 million times collectively on Spotify.

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