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Bumble Launches “Country for a Cause” for a Chance to Win a Double Date with a Country “It” Couple

Country for a Cause

Bumble, the women-first social networking app with over 60 million users worldwide, today announced ‘Country Couples for a Cause’ and have teamed up with some of country music’s favorite celebrity couples to provide their users a once-in-a-lifetime double date night experience. Carly Pearce and Michael Ray, Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell, Kane and Katelyn Brown, and Scotty and Gabi McCreery will plan the perfect night out together for Bumble users.  

Interested applicants can enter to win a double date now through the Bumble app. The application is open to new and existing Bumble users age 18+ in the United States.  

Four lucky Bumble users, and their date or BFF, will receive a unique double date with one country couple for a good cause. Bumble will also make a $25,000 donation to each of the couple’s charity of choice: the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, supported by Carly Pearce and Michael Ray; JDRF, supported by Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell; Boys & Girls Clubs of America, supported by Kane and Katelyn Brown; and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, supported by Scotty and Gabi McCreery.

“Michael and I have been able to explore the world together, creating special moments that we’ve shared with fans since the beginning so what better way to connect on another level than through this unique partnership with Bumble,” said Carly Pearce. “When we’re not touring or on the road, one of our favorite things to do as a couple is to try new restaurants around Nashville, so we can’t wait to plan a fun date night and share that experience with our fans,” shares fiancé Michael Ray.

“I feel so lucky that music takes me to places all over the world, and I love when Lauren joins me out on tour. This gives us such an incredible opportunity to travel together and experience new cities,” says Chris Lane.  Adds Lauren Bushnell, “We’re so excited to partner with Bumble and bring fans along to see what a date night looks like for us when we’re out on the road!”

“Katelyn and I feel really blessed in our relationship with each other and with our fans,” said Kane Brown. “The amount of support and love that my fans have shown us is something that means the world to us and continues to surprise us every day. We are thrilled to partner with Bumble-not only because we are excited to plan a double-date with a fan- but because we appreciate the way Bumble encourages the ability to make supportive connections in so many different areas.”

“Gabi and I have shared moments from our life together with our fans through social media, music videos, and more so they can know us as real people. Partnering with Bumble is another great way to evolve that connection. We make a point to plan special dates often where we can enjoy being together and reconnect as husband and wife away from the craziness of what we both do in our outside lives. You have to work at keeping that relationship alive and growing, and that’s our biggest piece of advice for all the couples who are meeting through Bumble,” said Scotty McCreery.

“At Bumble, our goal is always to bring great people together and this program is another example of that,” said Chelsea Maclin, VP of Marketing at Bumble. “We know that a double date with one of country music’s most beloved couples will be a one-in-a-lifetime experience for our country music fans. Bumble is a mission-driven company and we’re happy to give back to charities across the US from this initiative.”  

Bumble is a free app and is available to download in the App Store and Google Play. Bumble has over 60 million users in 150 countries and connects people across friendship, dating and professional networking. 

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