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Drew Baldridge Releases New Single, “Middle Of Nowhere Kids”

Drew Baldridge

Singer/Songwriter Drew Baldridge has released a dynamic new single, titled “Middle Of Nowhere Kids,” following an exclusive premiere on Billboard (here). Acting as an anthem for people everywhere, Baldridge pulls from his Patoka, Illinois upbringing for inspiration, where the “raised on a John Deere plowboys” call home and the population tops out at 582. “Middle Of Nowhere Kids” will impact radio on July 29. Listen to “Middle Of Nowhere Kids” here

Co-written by Randy Montana (Riley Green, Cody Johnson), John Pierce (Reba, Chris Young), and Tony Lane (Luke Bryan, Cody Johnson) and produced by Chris Stevens (Blake Shelton), “Middle of Nowhere Kids” breaks new territory for Baldridge,

“I chose this song because it hits so close to home for me. This song is very reminiscent of my life and everything I stand for.”

For the first time, the singer-songwriter allows listeners deeper into his past, sharing parts of his life that have made him the person he is today,

“I was that ‘Middle Of Nowhere Kid’ riding a tractor and dreaming of what it would be like to hear my music on the radio one day. Now the world gets to hear my story. I’m proud to be a ‘Middle of Nowhere Kid’.”

Prior to impacting radio, a buzz is already in the air as radio executives continue to commend the new song. Comments of praise continue to roll in saying, “Drew Baldridge can play ball with the best of them!” (JoJo, KTEX), “great song from a great person” (Fletcher Keyes, WWQM), and “this song grabbed me as soon as I heard it” (BigD, KWNR).  “Middle Of Nowhere Kids” is now available through iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music,Spotify, YouTube, and other digital platforms. 

Baldridge moved to Nashville at the age of 19 and has been making a name for himself since 2016, when he released his debut full-length album, Dirt on Us. The album produced several charting singles, including “Dance With Ya” and “Rebound.” Baldridge has opened up for some of the format’s biggest stars as well as appeared on major music festivals across the U.S., including Country Thunder, Country USA, CMC Rocks (Australia), Faster Horses, LakeShake, Moondance, Route 91, Tortuga, We Fest, Watershed, Windy City Smokeout, and more.  From a young age, Baldridge was singing in the church alongside his father. He grew up taking piano lessons and as a teenager learned to play guitar. Early on, he had an eclectic taste in music that spanned country and pop, and he quickly became a fixture at talent shows in and around his small hometown. Turning down an athletic scholarship to college, Baldridge moved to Nashville and honed his skills as a performer and songwriter. 

more information, please visit www.drewbaldridgemusic.com and follow Drew on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

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  1. Rex Royer says:

    Home town proud, Patoka,Il.

  2. Illinois is proud of you Drew Baldridge!!!!

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