Nashville to be Home to the New Country Music Fantasy Camp

Have you ever dreamed about writing, recording and performing country music in Nashville, Tennessee? Well now you can! Introducing Country Music Fantasy Camp — a brand new “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for the rockstar in all of us. 

Starting in September 2019, the all inclusive, celebrity-caliber, 3 Day Country Music Fantasy Camps will be held each week beginning on Sunday or Wednesdays. These camps will be complete with luxury hotel lodging, local transportation, delicious meals, epic nightly events and professionally recorded and packaged EP’s. 

Upon arrival, campers will be placed with their own band to write a country music original song. Once the lyrics are in place, they will head to a recording studio to record their masterpieces. Finally, campers will take the stage, like many of their favorite idols, and perform their songs in front of a live audience at the world-renowned Tootsies Orchid Lounge.

All bands will be supported by top singer-songwriter coaches as well as world class session and live-performance musicians. In addition, campers and their bands will work with photographers, videographers, image consultants, and make-up and wardrobe experts to enhance this already over the top experience. 

“Nashville is the only city in the world where it makes complete sense to host this amazing series of country music fantasy camps. The best in the business are all here. The stars live here. The facilities are second to none,” says Bob Ekman, Country Music Fantasy Camp CEO. 

In addition to the 3 Day Camp, one day camps will also be available. Music City Daydream will be held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday beginning July 25. This experience involves a two and a half hour afternoon spent at The George Jones writing a song in a group and performing it live on the Main Stage with the guidance of experienced coaches and musicians.

Group Day Camps are set up for corporate team-building retreats and can be customized for any length of time and at alternate Broadway locations. This retreat starts off with writing a country song and ends with recording it a Nashvillerecording studio.

Live out your country music dream in Music City! Book your experience today!

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