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Jeremy McComb Partners with MyPureHempCBD for Steal The Air Tour

Jeremy McComb
Photography / Rebecca Moore 

Jeremy McComb’s 2019 “Steal The Air” tour has added an exciting new Title Sponsor that the “fiercely independent” artist has championed in his own life.  

  “I couldn’t be more excited to welcome MyPureHempCBD and Robin Clarke-Lockwood to our touring family, from our first talks it was an easy decision for me. Their product has been instrumental for me personally in my struggles with nerve discomfort and so much more and now to have them as the title sponsor is just amazing. This is my biggest tour so far in my career and to be able to help spread the word about this amazing company, helping people and making them a part of our road family is just awesome!” says McComb.  

McComb’s tour is in full swing with stops in: Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, West Virginia, and Kentucky, just this week! The tour will keep them on the road over 200 days in the U.S alone this year. The new tour is gaining momentum and exciting a loyal fan base as it heads overseas to Europe in the fall.  Robin Clarke-Lockwood, CEO of MyPureHempCBD jumped at the chance to get behind such an energetic and thriving tour.  

“I’m very excited to be a partner and to support an incredible talent like Jeremy and his #StealTheAirTour. I’m also excited to spread my love, passion, and knowledge for my rapidly expanding CBD oil business!  My goal is to share the knowledge across the country for whatever people’s individual needs may be!” says Robin Clarke-Lockwood / CEO – MyPureHempCBD.

MyPureHempCBD adds to McComb’s longtime brand partners, Watson’s Hat Shop and Kimes Ranch Jeans and CR Ranchwear.

McComb’s partnership with a company that is as real and organic as his music is an exciting addition to what is proving to be his most successful tour in a flourishing career. 

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