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Pat Green Covers U2 In Duet of “Trip Through Your Wires” Featuring Joe Ely

Pat Green
Photo credit: Jimmy Bruch)

Texas Country hero Pat Green tips his hat to rock icons U2 in a remarkable new cover of their classic, “TRIP THROUGH YOUR WIRES,” available for streaming and download today (July 12th). 

Featuring fellow Texas legend and good friend JOE ELY, the bluesy anthem to awoken desire gets a red hot, Red-Dirt makeover in Green’s hands. Harrowing harmonica runs, overdriven slide guitar and Southwestern squeeze-box join two voices at their full Texan tilt, transforming the fan favorite into a rollicking country duet. The collaboration marks a full-circle moment for Green, who counts the adventurous Ely among his biggest artistic influences. 

“Years ago, watching Joe Ely perform, I decided … THIS is what I want to do with my life,” says Green. “I am blessed to have recorded this song with one of my heroes, and luckier still to count he and his wife Sharon as my friends. We’ve picked guitars on porches and stages for years. Having studio fun was just a natural progression for two guys from Texas.”

Originally recorded as part of U2’s seminal Joshua Tree album, “TRIP THROUGH YOUR WIRES” was written by Adam Clayton, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen and Paul Hewson. Green’s new version was produced by Justin Pollard, and photographer Jimmy Bruch captured the candid image which now serves as the single art, designed by Evan Kaufmann.

Green’s last release was 2018’s Dancehall Dreamin’: A Tribute to Pat Green, which featured friends like Randy Rogers Band, Jack Ingram and more on some of Green’s best loved songs – plus the stories behind them, as told by the Grammy-nominated artist himself.

Green is currently on the road with select dates scheduled across Louisiana, Texas and Iowa through October, with plans to announce more new music in the coming months.

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