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Holiday State Has the “Friday Feelin'” in Fresh New Music Video

Holiday State

Quickly gaining momentum, country-pop band of brothers Holiday State have released the music video for their debut single “Friday Feelin.’ premiered the video last month, which features a pretty interesting love triangle that viewers will find hilarious by the end. The song was their first in a series of singles in preparation of the release of their EP later this summer. Produced by Andy Sheridan, “Friday Feelin’” is a fun, energetic song that has the beach vibes needed to complete any summer playlist, it was featured on Spotify’s New Music Nashville playlist among others. 

“As a summer jam, we hope everyone can relate to this song in one way or another. It’s a feeling we all experience and want people to play our song when they are ready to get out, enjoy the weather, let loose and put their worries aside,” said Holiday State.

“The new video shines a sunny California spotlight on the easy, breezy attitude that comes from  heading into the weekend.” – Alison Bonaguro,

“‘Friday Feelin” is a fun, up-tempo pop-country jam that’s the perfect anthem for rolling down the windows and blaring some fun summertime music as you head out to the beach with friends. Musically, the track is a pure pop-country confection, with plenty of slick production elements to draw the listener in.” – Sterling Whitaker, Taste of Country

Since forming the band in 2014, Holiday State has had great success both on and off the stage. They have toured nationally with rapper, singer and songwriter Sammy Adams. In Summer 2017, Holiday State was the supporting act for multi-platinum recording artists ‘O-Town’ at the Gaslamp in Long Beach, Calif. They also collaborated with EDM DJ/Producer Duo ‘Cherry Beach’ on a remix of their song, “We Smile.” Keep up with the brothers – Brandon, Brett, and Bryan DeLaura by following them on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, or by visiting their website at

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