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Kelleigh Bannen Releases New Single, “Deluxe”

Kelleigh Bannen

Multi-faceted singer/songwriter and podcast host Kelleigh Bannen released her new single “Deluxe”  on Friday (6/21). “Deluxe” is about a love story with a little bit of luxury. Written by Bannen and Danielle Blakey, the song describes lavish scenarios on a retro level with references like a motel that has AC and cable TV and a buffet dinner on a date night. It’s a playful song, set to a swaggering soundtrack and highlights Bannen’s raw and soulful voice. 

“I just loved the idea for this song, about being a love with a little extra, and still being very relatable to so many people. I had the title for a while and finally was able to write and record it. I’m excited to be able to share it with my fans,” said Bannen.  

‘Deluxe’ is the first taste of new music since the release of Bannen’s highly-lauded, three song EP The Joneses, which featured tracks ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘The Joneses’ and ‘John Who.’ All three tracks debuted on Sirius XM’s The Highway – a first for an artist to ever have three songs debut in the program simultaneously. Bannen was also featured by Rolling StoneTaste Of Country and included in The Boot’s 2019 Artist To Watch list.

Named in NPR’s Portrait Of A Subtly Changing Nashville, as a woman who is “…figuring out how to circumnavigate roadblocks in the system…with all sorts of shrewd  professional and artistic strategies,” Bannen recently launched Season 3 of This Nashville Life, a podcast that provides an insider’s look at the music industry. Featured by iTunes as New & Noteworthy and by The Washington Post, the podcast features guest interviews, stories, industry tips and insights from music business execs and creatives. Fans can tune in to listen to the episodes, by visiting

Bannen is currently performing at festivals across the country and is gearing up to release new music. Fans can listen to “Deluxe,” here. For more information, visit

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