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Matt Kennon Shares Heart Tugging Music Video for “Love is Stronger”

Matt Kennon

“Love Is Stronger” by Matt Kennon hit the radio airwaves this month and was ranked in The Top 20 Most Downloaded and Streamed on Play MPE. Best known for his emotional, heart wrenching and true to life songs that tug at listeners heart strings, and the fact he is not afraid to bring attention to subjects that are uncomfortable. The accompanying official video was exclusively premiered on Center Stage Magazine and My Jam Music yesterday and available today on YouTube and Facebook, as well as online video platforms worldwide.

“Love Is Stronger” is a whirlwind of emotions that will leave you crying like a baby as the story unfolds,” states Center Stage Magazine Editor, Missy Wolf. “Kennon’s ability to capture the harsh realities of life is encapsulated brilliantly in this video.”

“A thread that runs through the new music is definitely love, and its awe-inducing power to lift us up, stir our souls, or crush us in its wake when it goes,” said GrassRoots Managing Partner, Nancy Tunick.  “It’s a subject Kennon is intimately familiar with, and the material is well-suited for the hard-working artist who is finally coming into his own creatively and hitting his stride.”

“Love Is Stronger” is special to me because I know  there have been times to me when I have seen love overcome a lot of things with a lot of people, not only in my own life but also to people who were close to me. I think the world could use a little more love right now,” stated Matt Kennon. “Love is stronger than anything you are going through and it makes me feel really good to be able to share this message with everyone who needs to hear it.”

“A listener can choose to take or leave hope, the lyrics to this song reinforce that you can take hope with you,” said Casting Life Films, Darren Williams. “The truth is…what we fight for….what we believe in…and lives are still taken from loved ones, how do we deal with that? This song gives listeners hope.”

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