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Jimmie Allen’s ‘Unwell’ Is Stunningly Personal

Jimmie Allen

Jimmie Allen says Matchbox 20’s “Unwell” is personal, for a number of reasons. It’s one of first songs the “Make Me Want To” singer and 2019 Taste of Country RISER learned to sing and play on guitar but it’s also a song he immediately connected to and still does today.

“A lot of times people might fall in love with who you are, the person on stage, the confidence you have in interviews and on stage,” he says. “But your insecurities — they may see things they may not like about you that you may not like about yourself. That’s the scary part of getting to know someone. You second guess yourself all the time.”

The “Best Shot” hitmaker puts his full self into this acoustic performance, filmed for his RISER feature. Even if you’ve heard the Rob Thomas-fronted song a thousand times Allen’s final verse will leave your arm hair at attention.

“Unwell” charted on several U.S. Billboard charts after being released from Matchbox Twenty’s More Than You Think You Are album in 2003. Allen was a teenager at the time — he wouldn’t move to Nashville until several years later. The song has always stuck with him as important, something you feel as he sings the suddenly personal lyrics. He’s not shy when it comes to being vulnerable and revealing his insecurities.

Allen and Cody Johnson make up the Taste of Country RISERS Class of 2019, joining a 2018 class that included Morgan Wallen Lindsay Ell and Devin Dawson and a 2017 class that included Brett Young and Runaway June, plus newcomers like Kalie Shorr and Brandon Lay. The quarterly franchise includes personal performances of an original and cover song, plus exclusive insight into what makes each artist special.

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