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Whiskey Myers Release “Die Rockin'” Ahead of Self-Titled Album

Whiskey Myers

As reported, genre-bending band Whiskey Myers have announced their forthcoming fifth studio album, with the self-produced and self-titled project set for release via Wiggy Thump Records/Thirty Tigers on September 27 (available for pre-order HERE).

“This was the first album we’ve produced on our own and it’s 100% authentically us, which is why we decided to self-title it WHISKEY MYERS,” lead guitarist John Jeffers shared with Rolling Stone. “We’ve been fortunate in our careers to work with some incredible producers in the past, however self-producing gave us the freedom to try every crazy idea in the studio, which got us to this place where we are completely satisfied with the end result and more excited than ever to get this new music out to our fans.”

The first taste of new music comes via instant grat track “Die Rockin’,” a hard-hitting anthem that drives home the band’s passion for music and is sure to be a hit at their frequently sold-out live shows, including Tuesday, June 25 when they open for rock icons The Rolling Stones at Chicago’s Soldier Field – a band that is namechecked in the song’s lyrics.

“I wrote ‘Die Rockin’’ with the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard and it really sums up this rock & roll life of ours,” explained frontman Cody Cannon to Rolling Stone. “We’re consumed by music and are such fans of the legends that came before us. We’re out there on the road and in the studio trying to pay homage to those greats that have inspired this generation while we strive to create some magic of our own.”

The album as a whole stretches the boundaries of genre just as the band themselves have done over the past 12 years, drawing as much inspiration from Nirvana as from Waylon Jennings – even adding the legendary McCrary Sisters’ gospel influence to the project on background vocals. WHISKEY MYERS follows the band’s most recent record, Mud, which climbed to No. 4 on Billboard’s Country chart in 2016, before the group was featured in Paramount Network’s Kevin Costner hit series “Yellowstone” in 2018, which propelled their entire catalogue into the Top 10 of the iTunes Country chart. The band will again appear in Season 2 of “Yellowstone” with synced tracks throughout the season, including the season premiere next Wednesday, June 19.

WHISKEY MYERS Track Listing (songwriters in parentheses):

  1. Die Rockin’ (Cody Cannon, Ray Wylie Hubbard)
  2. Mona Lisa (Cody Cannon)
  3. Rolling Stone (Cody Cannon, Adam Hood)
  4. Bitch (John Jeffers)
  5. Gasoline (Cody Cannon)
  6. Bury My Bones (John Jeffers, Tennessee Jet)
  7. Glitter Ain’t Gold (John Jeffers)
  8. Houston County Sky (Cody Cannon)
  9. Little More Money (Cody Cannon)
  10. California to Caroline (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere, Mark Stephen Jones)
  11. Kentucky Gold (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere, Dave Kennedy)
  12. Running (Cody Cannon, Brent Cobb)
  13. Hammer (Cody Cannon)
  14. Bad Weather (John Jeffers)

For more information, visit and follow on social media @WhiskeyMyers.

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