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Meghan Linsey and Tyler Cain Announce New Duo, Meg & Tyler

Meg and Tyler

The Voice runner-up, Meghan Linsey and critically acclaimed producer, Tyler Cain announced the launch of their new duo “Meg & Tyler” on the blue carpet at the CMT awards on Wednesday, and they’ve been full steam ahead ever since.

The pair played shows, hosted fan events and topped the week off with a signing at Fan Fair X that spilled into the street with an epic flash-mob second-line parade on Sunday afternoon.

The impromptu Mardi Gras parade featured a full horn section, Mardi Gras beads emblazoned with the band’s new logo, and plenty of sequins, leaving bystanders in awe. Country music fans joined the party and danced down the street, while others pulled out their phones to capture the unique moment.

“CMA Fest is all about the fans, so we really wanted to do something special for them. Meg is from New Orleans and that culture has had a huge influence on our music and image. It just felt natural to bring a little bit of Mardi Gras to music city” says Tyler. 

Meg continued, “Our first single is called “Mardi Gras and Rhinestones”. It’s about bringing people together. We’re all about love and acceptance and we want that to translate in our music. It was so cool to see so much diversity in our parade. Even the police officers were high-fiving us as we went by. It was a beautiful thing”. 

Meg & Tyler’s debut single “Mardi Gras and Rhinestones” drops June 28, and will be available on all digital platforms. The duo heads north to Alaska on Thursday to play several shows. They’re also playing a residency all summer long at Bold Studio in Nashville. You can follow their journey on Instagram @megandtyler and keep up with their tour dates at .

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  1. So super excited for all the new adventures! Meg & Tyler are so talented and their NEW SINGLE Mardi Gras & Rhinestones is EPIC!! Strong party feel good song…makes you just want to dance and have fun!! This duo is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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