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Sheryl Crow Unleashes “Live Wire” Featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples

Sheryl Crow
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Enlisting a host of iconic performers and songwriters across a wide array of musical genres and generations, nine-time GRAMMY Award-winner Sheryl Crow’s forthcoming album of collaborations entitled THREADS is slated for release August 30 via The Valory Music Co. Advance tracks providing a glimpse into this diverse collection include “Redemption Day” featuring Johnny Cash and “Live Wire”featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples, out today with Entertainment Weekly rejoicing, “As one might expect from that killer combo, the track is a swampy, down and dirty blues-tinged rocker with an infectious pop melody.” Check out the video here:

“Mavis Staples means so much more to me than any words I could write about her,” shares Crow. “I feel like, in many ways, she is the Godmother to Bonnie Raitt. To say that having both of these soulful women on ‘Live Wire’ is a treat would be a huge understatement.”

Offering details of the new music exclusively on NBC’s TODAY, Sheryl performed whaMusicRow has deemed, “one of the standout vocal collaborations in Nashville music history [‘Redemption Day’] as well as signature hits “Soak Up The Sun” and “If It Makes You Happy.” Watch special Hidden Heroes segments: Interview“Redemption Day” Performance“If It Makes You Happy” Performance and “Soak Up The Sun” Performance.

“This is where my story begins; in the imagination of a young girl from Missouri who began to feel a part of a beautiful and inspiring universe of art, created by musicians who made me want to leave my small town and embark on something bigger than anything I could possibly imagine.” muses Crow. “As I became a mother, I’ve explored life through my children and seen the greater impact of our actions and voices. This collection is the THREADS of both my inspirations and younger artists carrying the torch for humanity with their stories.”

Crow will traverse the globe throughout the year in support of her new music and career-making sentiments. For a full list of tour dates, visit

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