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Tiffany Premieres “Beautiful” From Latest Album “Pieces of Me”


Tiffany’s new music video for her newest single, BEAUTIFUL, from her latest album ‘Pieces of Me’ premiered yesterday (5/23/) exclusively on

This new single delivers Tiffany’s iconic chart topping vocals layered over a colorful and vibrant music video shot in Brighton, U.K. In her new single, Tiffany delivers a vibrant rock-pop single which is reminiscent of other female classic pop rock artists like the Go-Go’s. Tiffany’s notable tone takes on a new sound in this electrifying and unexpected rock track. Unafraid to take a risk, Tiffany shows her fans an authentic and different side of herself as an artist. Stepping aside from her ‘80’s pop legacy, she dives into music that has been in her heart for a long time. BEAUTIFUL is a culmination of rock and pop while combining Tiffany’s powerhouse vocals, original songwriting, and production skills.

 In her interview with, Tiffany explains the meaning behind by lyrics in her new single,

“It’s about people, it’s about all different people, and what you precieve as beautiful.”

Like her recent reboot of ‘I Think We’re Alone Now 2019’ this new single was also written and produced by Tiffany and her producer Mark Alberici from Go On Records. Having shot this music video in Brighton, the video is inspired by the colorful graffiti streets of Brighton while matching Tiffany’s vibrant persona. Check out Tiffany’s newest single, BEAUTIFUL available now on all streaming platforms.

Aside from releasing new music off ‘Pieces of Me’, Tiffany has recently joined the 55-city, three-month North American, ‘The Mixtape Tour’ headlined by New Kids on the Block which also features 3 other iconic acts, including Salt-N-Pepa, Debbie Gibson, and Naughty by Nature.


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