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Larry Gatlin Featured on Country Music Hall of Fame ‘Voices in the Hall’ Podcast

Larry Gatlin

GRAMMY® Award-winning and platinum-selling country music legend Larry Gatlin is featured on the latest episode of Voices in the Hall, a new podcast produced by the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum. 

As one of country music’s most prolific songwriters, Gatlin has self-penned and recorded more than 30 Top 40 hits including “All the Gold in California,” and “Houston (Means I’m One Day Closer to You).” He was encouraged and inspired by greats including Johnny Cash, Fred Foster, and Kris Kristofferson, and he sang in rich harmony with his brothers Steve and Rudy, collectively, the Gatlin Brothers. On this episode of Voices in the Hall, Gatlin talks about his early days, fame and his creative influences.  

“Gatlin’s years in the spotlight involved great achievement and some missteps, and he is as honest about the latter as he is proud of the former,” says Museum Senior Director and podcast host Peter Cooper.  

“I’m not sure that he’s ever mellowed, but the Larry Gatlin of today blends brash proclamation with honest reflection, and his fierce intellect and unabashed love of creation make him one of the most enjoyable people to talk with in Nashville,” Cooper adds. 

Listen to Gatlin’s Voices in the Hall episode HERE

Next year marks 65 years of music for Larry, Steve & Rudy: The Gatlin Brothers (the trio began singing when Larry was six, Steve was four and Rudy was two). With more than six decades of singing under their belts, the brothers show no signs of slowing down. In addition to performing nearly 100 live concert dates each year, Gatlin hosts Opry Country Classics live from Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium each Thursday night in the spring and fall. 

On Thursday, May 2, Gatlin celebrated his 71st birthday. Gathering with family and friends backstage, the Grand Ole Opry surprised him with a cake. 

Additionally, Gatlin was recently recruited by the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum as a featured songwriter for its Outlaws, Tales & Tunes program. Gatlin joined acclaimed singer-songwriters Buddy Cannon and Marshall Chapman for the 90-minute session that featured the three taking turns performing songs and sharing stories from the road and beyond.

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