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Kelsey Lamb Announces Release of Debut Self-Titled EP

Country singer-songwriter Kelsey Lamb has announced her self-titled debut EP, set for release on May 31, 2019. The EP, produced by Matt McVaney and Josh Hoge, will feature six tracks, with Lamb being a co-writer on five of the songs.

Leading up to the release of her debut EP, Lamb will drop a new single, titled “Girl at the Bar,” which is featured on the forthcoming project, on Apr. 19, 2019. This single is Lamb’s most vulnerable song to date. “Girl at the Bar” illustrates how Lamb has dealt with her previous heartbreaks. 

“I get so frustrated with the way I handle heartbreak. I don’t wear pain on my sleeve, I am the person that puts on a happy face and powers through like nothing ever happened,” explains Lamb.

Together, the songs on her forthcoming EP tell the story that lead to her debut single, “Little by Little,” and will take listeners on a journey through Kelsey’s story of heartbreak, self-reflection and falling back in love.

Lamb commented, saying “When creating the track listing for this EP, I knew I wanted to tell the story that came before ‘Little by Little’ because so much happened before I got to that place. As I listened through my catalog and really dove into my story, I chose the songs that best reflected where I was emotionally during each point in my journey.” 

Lamb is looking forward to releasing her new music, continuing to share her story and connecting with her fans. She mentions,

“I am so excited about this EP. It is vulnerable, honest and real. My biggest hope is that my listeners can relate to these songs and find their own story within my lyrics. I want anyone who listens to this project to walk away feeling like they know me.”

Raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Lamb ventured to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her dream in Country music. Last year, Lamb released her debut single “Little by Little,” to Country Radio. The song was Lamb’s first charted single on MusicRow. “Little by Little” has accumulated over 150K streams on Spotify and the corresponding music video received placement on local, syndicated and national networks. As a singer-songwriter, Lamb made a name for herself as a vocalist with a rich, emotionally transparent voice, influenced by the likes of Alison Krauss, Blake Shelton, Avril Lavigne, Thomas Rhett and Tim McGraw.

Performing since the age of ten, Lamb is looking forward to releasing her debut project and showcasing songs that will tell her story and continue to connect the new artist with her listeners. The multi-talented artist has appeared in multiple movies including Hallmark’s “Christmas in Homestead” and “Traces” where she played the character of Zia. Her first original track, “Warning Sign” made its debut in the Lifetime Original Movie, “Bad Stepmother,” at the start of 2018. Lamb has performed at venues, large and small, both as a headliner and opener. She opened for Kenny Rogers on his farewell tour and performed with Alan Thicke on the Kenny Rogers Toy Shoppe Tour across the United States. The singer-songwriter is looking forward to continuing to perform her original songs on show dates throughout the Southeast. All upcoming dates will be announced here

For more information on Kelsey Lamb visit her website, and follow her @kelseylambmusic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kelsey Lamb EP Track Listing:

1. “Who’s Counting” – Kelsey Lamb, Joe Tounge, Natascha Myers
2. “Where Do You Go” – Kelsey Lamb, Alex Dooley, Emily Rose
3. “Girl at the Bar” – Kelsey Lamb, Taylor Goyette, Jean Nolan 
4. “Talk to Me” – Kelsey Lamb, Josh Hoge, Taylor Goyette
5. “Little by Little” – Kelsey Lamb, Erik Dinardo, Jesse Labelle
6. “Say it Again” – Joe Tounge, Lydia Dall, Morgan Johnston

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