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Austin Burke Proposes at Country Thunder With Help From Dierks Bentley

Photo Credit: Jennica E. Maes

Country superstar Dierks Bentley helped fellow artist and Arizona native Austin Burke carry out the ultimate proposal on the Country Thunder Arizona stage on Saturday night. 

Burke, an emerging country singer-songwriter, made his main stage debut at Country Thunder on Saturday afternoon. The performance was especially poignant since Burke, who is originally from the Phoenix area, first performed at the event at age four. To make the day even more memorable, Burke had plans to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Lexy Kadey, at the festival. With the help of the Country Thunder staff, Burke arranged to have several members of both his family and Kadey’s family in attendance to witness the events. 

Shortly after Burke finished his set, he ran into Bentley backstage. Upon hearing about Burke’s plans to propose, Bentley offered to help. Bentley invited Burke to join him on stage to shotgun a beer and perform “Come A Little Closer,” while Kadey stood side stage. When Burke asked her to, fittingly, “come a little closer,” he surprised Kadey by grabbing her hand, walking her to center stage, getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. “Not only are you my best friend, but you’re the love of my life,” said Burke, before slipping a stunning round solitaire diamond ring onto her finger.  

“Lexy is the love of my life. Getting to ask her to marry me in Arizona, at Country Thunder, with Dierks Bentley, in our home state, with all our friends and family, was a dream come true,” says Burke. “I’m just glad she said yes!”

The pair is currently celebrating the engagement, along with Kadey’s birthday, in Mexico. 

Burke is currently touring the United States and will be releasing new music in the near future. Visit AustinBurkeMusic.com, or find him on socials, for up-to-date tour dates and information.

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