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Rodney Atkins and Wife Rose Falcon Kick off Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival

L to R: Rodney Atkins, Rose Falcon, Shane Minor
Photo credit: Nicole Palsa

The 27th annual Tin Pan South songwriters festival is happening this week in Nashville, with 100 different shows across 10 venues in 5 days.  Music lovers from across the country flock to the songwriting capital of America to hear the people behind their favorite songs.

Last night, Rodney Atkins and wife Rose Falcon joined Shane Minor at the Listening Room Café to perform and share stories behind their hit songs.

Rodney Atkins has had six number one hits, including “Watching You,” “Take a Back Road,” and “If You’re Going Through Hell.” But one song that didn’t make it into his catalog led him down a different road.

Did you know that the song “That’s How They Do it in Dixie” was originally going to be recorded by Rodney? When he found out that it had been cut by Hank Williams, Jr., he jokingly told fellow songwriter Shane Minor that they were going to write an even better song about the south. That writing session resulted in “What I Love About the South,” which Rodney says is one of his all-time favorites.

Rodney also previewed a hauntingly beautiful new song, “Figure You Out (Riddle),” which is a duet with his wife, Rose Falcon, that will be on his new album which comes out May 10.

You may remember Shane Minor from when he was a recording artist in the late 90s, when he released his self-titled debut album that had the hits “Slave to the Habit” and “Ordinary Love.” Since then, Shane has co-written several number one hits for other artists, including “Chillin’ It” (Cole Swindell) and “Brand New Girlfriend” (Steve Holy).

One of Shane’s many talents is his fantastic Kenny Chesney impression… which he shared when he performed “Live a Little” that he co-wrote with David Lee Murphy. During their writing session, Shane was goofing around by imitating Kenny’s voice, not knowing that Kenny would ultimately end up recording it and making it a number one hit.

Shane also brought out his 12-year-old daughter Maggie as a special guest to perform the Sara Evans hit, “Suds in the Bucket.” The confident young lady has a powerful voice that is primed for success and a proud dad by her side.

Shane closed out the night with his first number one hit, “Beautiful Mess,” recorded by Diamond Rio. It also came with the most poignant story of the night. Shane’s father heard the song and said he liked it, but didn’t live to see its success… The release date for the song was pushed up and released on his father’s birthday and ended up reaching the top of the charts on the day his father died.

Behind every song you hear is a story just like that. Songwriters are the backbone of the music industry and Tin Pan South is one week a year where they are celebrated like the stars they truly are. If you’ve never been before, be sure to add it to your bucket list. This year’s fast passes (which get you in the door first) are sold out, but cash lines are available at each show, depending on the venue’s capacity. For the complete lineup and more, visit

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