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James Dupré Releases “Another Love Song”

Country singer-songwriter James Dupré returns with a catchy new tune, titled “Another Love Song,” which was recorded as part of Warm Audio’s instructional series, “In the Mix with Joe Carrell.” In the series, Carrell, a seven-time Grammy-nominated producer, features the recording process of artists on the rise while showcasing Warm Audio’s professional sound recording equipment. 

Dupré commented about the track, stating, “I’m always striving to make sure my vocals and the production on my tracks are as strong and as clean as possible and the gear you use in the studio is a huge part of that. My new single, “Another Love Song” is a track with such drive and such energy and to have the opportunity to really give it its moment, with top of line equipment from Warm Audio, is absolutely amazing. It sounds awesome and I’m so excited for everyone to hear the song- and the sound of the song.”

Co-written by Dupré along with Justen Harden and John Griffin, the “Another Love Song” showcases Dupre’s rich, traditional style while also showing some grit as he sings of a relationship gone wrong and how from his point of view, “the world don’t need another love song” because “too many loves songs don’t come true.”

A video featuring footage of Dupré in the studio while recording the song is now available (here) and has been released to Warm Audio’s 325K+ social media followers to coincide with the digital release of the track. “Another Love Song” is now available on all major streaming and digital download platforms.

The release follows his last single “Hurt Good” which reached #24 on the Music Row Country BreakOutchart and #49 on the Billboard Indicator chart. To date, Dupré has gained a prominent social following from his YouTube performances, collectively has reached over 10.5 million views on his YouTube page and continues to build.

Dupré is currently working on a new full-length project, which will feature new, original music slated for a 2nd quarter, 2019 release. 

For more information on James Dupre’ and upcoming tour dates, visit and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  1. John Griffin says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Awesome! Love it

  3. Peggy Dupre Cavins says:

    Love this cuz, upkeep getting better and better

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