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Catch Kalie Shorr on PBS NewsHour and NPR’s On Point

Kalie Shorr is breaking barriers and not mincing words when it comes to her stance on equality for women in the music industry. PBS NewsHour featured Shorr, along with Song Suffragettes and Change the Conversation, on Monday evening. She spoke on the importance of women supporting each other in the music industry.

“I think, in the past five, six years that I have been in town, I saw this attitude shift, even within myself, where it was like, ‘she’s not your competition. She’s trying to do the same thing you’re doing,’ and that’s great because, Patsy and Loretta were best friends, and Dolly and Emmylou…” Shorr said.

Momentum continues to gain for the young artist. Shorr’s music video for the pop mix of her song, “Awake”, which features “American Idol” finalist Jonny Brenns, has been added to MTV. PerezHilton.com calls the music video “SO dreamy!”, and Perez Hilton himself even commented “.@KalieShorr is gonna win a lot of Grammys one day – and when she does, I told you all first!!!” Meanwhile, a separate music video for “Awake” (Country Mix) is playing in regular rotation on CMT.

Shorr made her 10th appearance on the Grand Ole Opry last night (March 20) and was featured this morning on National Public Radio’s one-hour “On Point”program produced out of Boston.

Both country and pop versions of Shorr’s “Awake” simultaneously premiered on Radio Disney Country (RDC) and Radio Disney (RD), a first for the stations. The “Awake” (Country Mix) hit #2 on last week’s RDC Top 50 Chart while the “Awake” (Pop Mix) hit #4 on the RD Top 50 Chart.

Shorr starts production on her first-ever full-length album in April with all songs penned by the artist. Fans can stay current with Kalie on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow her on Youtube and visit www.kalieshorr.com.

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