Walker Montgomery Premieres “You Heard It Here First”

 CMT will world premiere “You Heard It Here First,” the soaring power ballad from emerging country star Walker Montgomery.  The cli is Montgomery’s second music video and also the second in succession to be featured by CMT Music.  

From his new EP, SIMPLE TOWN, “You Heard It Here First,” written by Devin Dawson, Kyle Fishman and Jordan Walker, is a beautiful anthem that gently salutes love at first sight. It is a lesson in chivalry as Walker serenades the object of his affection imploring: 

“If you’ve never been told you’re more beautiful every single time that you smile

If no one’s ever said to you everything you do just keeps on driving me wild

If nobody’s pulled you close and never let you know they’ll never let you go before

And told you that you’re so much more than any man deserves

You heard it here first ”Walker’s enthusiastic fan base can begin voting for “You Heard It Here First” on CMT’s 12-Pack starting Friday, March 8. The video airs on CMT Music today between 11:30am-10:30pm and  then on March 7 between 2:00am and 5:30am, Eastern Time. See it online HERE.

Fans can hear Walker perform his newest single, along with the title track of his EP, “Simple Town,” and “Just Say When” as the singer-songwriter hits the following stages this spring and summer:  

3/16:    Macon, GA – The Crazy Bull

3/21:    Charleston, SC – Music Farm (with Jon Langston)

3/22:    Savannah, GA – Saddle Bags (with Jon Langston)

3/23:    Okaloosa Island, FL – The Gulf (with Tracy Lawrence)

5/3:      Richmond, KY – Bourbon, Boots and BBQ

6/22:    Mt. Vernon, KY – Renfro Valley Entertainment Center

7/14:    Norridge, IL – 2019 Island in the City Festival

8/21:    Weyauwega, WI – Waupaca County Fairgrounds


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