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Garth Brooks Announces Career-Defining ‘Legacy’ Vinyl Collection, Special Presale, During ‘Inside Studio G’

On a very special edition of “Inside Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation” Garth Brooks announced “The LEGACY Collection,” a career-defining collection of three different boxed sets.  Each boxed set has seven vinyl discs and companion CDs of No Fences, The Chase, In Pieces, Fresh Horses, and Triple Live, created from the analog or digitally remixed/remastered recordings, along withone of six new collectible Triple Live covers.  There will be a limited quantity of these boxes that are numbered, and fans that pre-order the entire collection can reserve a personalized number (i.e. a date that is special to them like an anniversary or birthday) that will be etched onto the side of each of the boxed sets.  Garth says that the collection is something so rare, “it has to be numbered!”

Garth announced that TODAY, February 26, at 7pm ET / 6pm CT, he will be selling them LIVE via TalkShop.Live on, where they will be able to order their Legacy collection for an incredibly generous “band and crew” rate of $100 for all three boxed sets, with the reserved personalized numbers.

The Legacy Collection includes all three editions:

  • LIMITED Edition – Albums are analog/CDs are digitally remastered
  • Original ANALOG Edition – Albums and CDs are from original analog recordings
  • DIGITALLY REMIXED/REMASTERED Edition – Albums and CDs are digitally remixed and/or remastered (with the exception of Triple Live)

Albums included in the Legacy Boxed Set:

  • No Fences (1990)
  • The Chase (1992)
  • In Pieces (1993)
  • Fresh Horses (1995)
  • Triple Live (2018, 3 vinyls/CDs)
    1. Each vinyl is housed in a tri-fold sleeve and each box series will have two different covers available

The box cover is also incredibly significant, featuring a customized image of an astronaut on the moon.  It was inspired by a radio host who swore that Garth would be “the first man to play on the moon!”

Boxes will not ship until the Fall, given the incredibly personal, hand-created, nature of each one, but numbers can be reserved beginning tomorrow.

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