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Chelsea Bain Releases “Take It Like A Man”

Turn 3 Records artist Chelsea Bain has released her latest single, “Take It Like A Man,” which she wrote with Rachel Farley, Michael Tyler and Ben Stennis. She recently shot a music video for the single, and it will begin hitting the airwaves later this month.  

“The message of the song is that women and men both have the same emotions,” said Chelsea. “No one feels more or less than the other. We all search for a song that says something that’s never been said, and I feel like this is one of those rare songs. This song has a lot of meaning for me, and I think the meaning is universal.” 

Chelsea will appear on Devon O’Day’s “Nashville Today” show on WSM-AM this Thursday, February 7 and will visit the Ty Bentli Show to write and perform a song as part of the show’s popular “10 Minute Tune” segment the morning of the 8th.  

She has a rare Nashville performance set for Friday, February 19 at The Cowan music venue in Topgolf. The no-cover show will benefit the Nashville Humane Association, and attendees are asked to bring a can of dog or cat food as admission.  

Chelsea was most recently the USO’s January Artist of the Month, which included a special performance for 280 service members and families of deployed troops at USO Ft. Campbell. 

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