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Kevin Fowler Has a “Country Song to Sing”

Photo Credit: Jeff Ray

Red dirt hero Kevin Fowler has just released his brand new single “Country Song To Sing,” along with an intimate new music video, debuted on The Boot, featuring never-before-seen footage of Fowler from diapers up through his high school years. 

“I love this video,” Fowler says of the Luke Lashley-directed clip. “It’s very personal to me. We talked my parents into letting us use all of their old home movies from when I was a kid, so there are shots of me as a baby and all the way through my teenage years. Looking back at all of those different times in my life I always had a country song that was important to me. I think the use of these old family films brings a really personal feel to it and I think all of our fans are going to love this video!”

In fact, some lucky fans will even catch themselves in the video, which ends with footage of a live performance shot at Buck’s Backyard in Buda, Texas.

Fowler has been known to croon an ode to his love of country music, and “Country Song To Sing” may be his most relatable yet. Penned by hit collaborators Wynn Varble and Jay Knowles, “Country Song To Sing” comes to life thanks to Fowler’s unmistakable Texas drawl. The Trent Willmon-produced song is Fowler’s first new single of 2019 and premiered on Wide Open Country.

“I think everybody can relate with this song,” Fowler says. “No matter what stage you’re at in life, you always have a country song to sing; a song that will always remind you of that exact time in your life.” Proving his point, some of the song seemingly matches up perfectly with the found footage from Fowler’s childhood. 

A relentless road warrior, Kevin Fowler plans to release more music in 2019 with plans for a future album in the works. This year also marks the inaugural year for Fowler’s Big Cabo Fest, a destination-oriented music festival in Cabo San Lucas hosted by Fowler and his longtime friend Roger Creager. 

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