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Big & Rich Announce 2019 “Peace, Love & Happy Hour Tour”

Photo by David “Doc” Abbott

The award-winning, multi-platinum super duo Big & Rich announce the 2019 “Peace, Love & Happy Hour Tour” presented by Redneck Rivera Whiskey.  The tour is booked by WME (William Morris Endeavor).  Continuing with their tradition of honoring veterans and first responders, the stage will include a pop-up Heroes Bar for the special guests to get the utmost backstage experience.  For tour information and more, visit Big & Rich.  

Big Kenny and John Rich, aka Big & Rich have blazed an indelible mark on modern country music, not simply by breaking the rules, but by setting them on fire.  From the early days at Nashville’s Pub of Love that launched the musical movement MuzikMafia, multi-platinum records, numerous chart-topping singles and albums, to having performed well into the 1000s of shows around the globe, the duo has amassed a multi-generational community of listeners.   Now, a decade and a half into the storied career, they are ready to ignite an electrifying show filled with antics and creativity as only these two have mastered.

The Redneck Riviera Whiskey presents Big & Rich’s “Peace, Love & Happy Hour Tour’ is a combination of these two very separate individuals, who in many ways, might seem polar opposites. 

“I think Kenny and I are a great representation of how America should be in general, “ says John.  “We disagree on a lot of things, but the things we agree on override our disagreements.”

Big Kenny agrees, “I think we both bring a balance to each other, no matter what the situation is.  That’s what makes relationships good, when you have that dynamic.”

From the signature barn-raiser “Save A Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” to the 12-year running ESPN College Game Day anthem “Comin’ To Your City,” their presence has been immeasurable through ground breaking video and television appearances. 

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