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Josh Grinder Releases Beautifully Nostalgic “Pictures Do” Music Video

Celebrated songwriter and country artist Josh Grider has just released the official music video for his song “Pictures Do.” A beautifully nostalgic stroll down memory lane, the music video features a collage of the real-life photos that inspired the deeply personal song. 

Produced and directed by Joe Gomez, the “Pictures Do” video also features a few familiar faces, including fellow singer/songwriters Erin Enderlin and Ben Danaher. 

“Pictures Do” is the penultimate track on Grider’s newest album, GOOD PEOPLE. Grider penned the gorgeous ballad with Barry Zito, a 15-season pitcher in the Major Baseball League with the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. 

“Sometimes you write a song and wonder what it will become, or if you’ll ever record it,” Grider says. “But every great once in a while you KNOW you have something special on your hands. ‘Pictures Do’ was that way for me. I believe this song’s journey has only just begun, and releasing this video today is an exciting step in the life of one of my favorite songs I’ve been a part of.”

Roughstock singled out “Pictures Do” as a standout track on Josh Grider’s new album, calling it a “great classic country song” and “the kind of song that should be a massive hit.” Grider Released GOOD PEOPLE on March 2nd to critical acclaim. Taste of Country called the title track “what country music fans need right now” and Wide Open Country said the album “provides the perspective we all need.”

Throughout the record, Grider offers a poignant portrait of life in modern America, with songs that range from clever commentary on current events to heartfelt ballads pulled from the pages of Grider’s own relationships. The twelve-song album finishes with gospel traditional “God Be With You Till We Meet Again,” a personal family tribute that wonderfully complements “Pictures Do.”

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