America’s Got Talent Semi-finalists We Three Release “Self-Titled” Debut LP

Oregonian pop sibling-trio and America’s Got Talent semi-finalists, We Three today released their debut self-titled album, with an exclusive premiere listen at Parade Magazine, who said that the siblings “.. certainly know how to pour their hearts out in a relatable and beautiful way.”

The album, comprised of 12 original songs, four of which were performed during their successful run on NBC’s hit show, America’s Got Talent.

“We were so inspired to finish and release this record, says Bethany, “our time on that show was like holding a mirror up to us about what our true path had to be. The end result is exactly what we imagined.”

Songs such as, “Lifeline”, “Hold On” and “Sweater Weather” round out the pop alternative stylings of We Three. 

As an advance to the fans, We Three released the single, “Heaven’s Not Too Far.” The moving track is an homage to the trio’s mom who passed from cancer. The lyrics are a love letter from a mother to her children which had TV viewers, the judges and the instudio audience at AGT in tears. The video of that performance currently stands at 86 Million views and counting on YouTube.  This new version of the song and it’s accompanying video has also gone viral since its release on Friday, December 7, 2018 with over 250K streams on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist for the song and the video is up at 237K views.

We Three is a family affair comprised of siblings, Joshua, Bethany, and Manny. Joshua plays the piano and drums – sometimes simultaneously, Manny the guitar, and Bethany the bass.

The siblings recently participated in Al Gore’s 24 Hours Of Reality Special, along with musical acts such as Sting, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, and many others.

We Three will be performing shows in early 2019.

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