Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson Celebrates RIAA Gold + New Single


Triple Tigers’ platinum recording artist, Russell Dickerson, released his third single, “Every Little Thing,” to radio yesterday, on the heels of his celebration for his sophomore single “Blue Tacoma” going gold. The uptempo track and third consecutive single off his debut album “Yours,” is a personal favorite of the 2018 ACM and CMT Award nominee who saw back-to-back no. 1 chart positions for “Blue Tacoma” and preceding debut single “Yours.”

“This is easily one of my favorite songs on the record. The sound, the vibe and the message is me to a ‘T’,” said Russell about “Every Little Thing.” Adding, “It’s a fun uptempo jam, just bragging about how amazing my girl is!”

As for reaching another milestone with “Blue Tacoma,” the Nashville-based singer-songwriter added, “The song going gold is a huge milestone for me. The fact that so many people have connected with this single is what I dreamed about when I first started writing songs.” Quoting lyrics from the newly gold single he finished, “…never running out of golden road, baby!”

Russell Dickerson’s “Every Little Thing” is available on Spotify, itunes and anywhere music is sold.


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